About Us

Welcome to Wirral Dog Food!

We are a 100% independent local business, absolutely dedicated to bringing you the best quality dog food at the fairest possible prices … backed up with straightforward, well informed advice when you need it.

We believe that great condition starts with great food! The right diet can improve all aspects of your dog's health, behaviour, vitality and wellbeing.

We work only with trusted manufacturers who offer exceptional quality and value for money. You can be confident of natural ingredients, traceability and uncompromising hygiene standards for all the feeds we supply.

We understand that very dog is different, and for working, sporting and competing dogs, the right diet is crucial to performance. We will work with you to understand your dog’s needs and make sure you have access to the right feeds and supplements to keep them in top condition in every phase of life.

We have unrivalled product knowledge and can advise you on all aspects of diet and feeding. We have specialist experience of large and giant breeds and working dogs in every field. For more complex issues we have access to some of the UK’s top canine nutritionalists and herbalists.

We are not sales people, we are dog people. We love our dogs and we promise to take as much care over yours as we would our own. We aim to be your trusted advisor throughout your dog’s life, helping you to adapt your feeding to his or her changing energy needs.