Turn Back Thyme 250g

Turn Back Thyme 250g

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A natural herbal blend to support the health and wellbeing of senior dogs. Turn Back Thyme is specially formulated to promote the all round condition of older dogs, Sprinkle a small amount over your dog's food to help hold back the effects of the years.


  • Blackcurrant & Thyme for respiratory health and colitis 
  • Roseips for Vitamin C
  • Mint to support digestion
  • Milk Thistle to promote liver health
  • Dandelion for kidneys and the urinary system 
  • Cayenne for high blood pressure, stomach problems and ulceration if present

No guarantees are made as to the efficacy of this product. This description is offered for information only and is not medical advice. If you are concerned about your dog's health or condition always check with your vet.